Afraid of Firearms – FXHummel1

This video…rocks. A hearty shout out goes to Youtube userĀ FXHummel1 for his creative work on the piano to produce this important message.



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  1. Stanley April 23, 2012 10:44 am 

    It’s not a question of whteehr guns are outlawed. Nor is it about the second amendment protecting the ability of citizens to defend themselves with deadly force. It is about the ability for society to defend itself. Hence the second half of the second amendment. At the most local level where we have our own citizens on the front lines of defending our civil society, protecting the power of the community to decide for itself where guns are acceptable is also a most sacred right. This law has the state taking away the community’s power to decide where guns can and cannot be carried. It may sound like a championship of the second amendment but in reality it’s a back door for the state’s power. The second amendment is not absolute nor is it proprietorially owned but one political ideology.

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