Marlin 1895 SBL .45-70

Marlin 1895 SBL Lever Action rifle in .45-70 – Photo by Marlin







When it absolutely, positively has to be dead in 6 shots or less; please refer to this firearm. Marlin Firearms manufacturers this gorgeous “little” gem as part of their lever action rifle line up. This 6 shot lever action rifle delivers the very potent .45-70 Government round down range and thus destroying anything in its path. This firearm was designed to be a rugged yet very tactical guide gun. Essentially, if you are wandering around in the North American wilderness, you chances of survival increase exponentially with this fine gun. Here is a brief description from Marlin…

Destined to be a top choice of North Country guides, it delivers the massive punch of a 45–70 Gov´t. with unmatched speed – with the lethal assurance of a 6–round capacity thanks to a full–length magazine tube. Rapid target acquisition comes natural with its 18½” barrel and XS Ghost Ring Sights and scout scope mount. And its big loop lever adds a distinctive traditional style while promoting sure follow-up shots, even with gloves. True to the inhospitable territory it was born to thrive in, the Model 1895SBL features the weather resistance of a grey/black laminated stock and stainless steel finish on all major metal components.


Any lever action rifle that comes standard with a tactical rail mounting system is a must buy. A laser dot or quick reflex sight could be a good option for short range encounters, but you can also extend your range with a quality scope. If you are not keen on depending on a secondary sight system, this firearm comes standard with durable ghost ring sights. Since the 1895 SBL also boasts a weather resistant stock and stainless steel parts, you can kick this gun around if you so choose. Lever action rifles, especially those made by Marlin, have a reputation of being ultra reliable and simple. This beauty is no different.

Prices for the 1895 SBL should be around $800.00. features this model for $825.99.



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