The new Springfield XDM Compact .45 ACP

Springfield Armory has recently come out with a long awaited compact version of their XD(m) .45 pistol. The XD(m) Compact series in various calibers featured a standard match grade barrel for improved durability and accuracy as well as improved ergonomics. This combination added to the fact that this .45 caliber handgun has only a 3.8 inch barrel, makes for a great choice for a powerful conceal carry option.

If you are looking for a great carry gun, but do not want to compromise on a smaller caliber round, the XD(m) Compact is a great choice. We have also been very pleased with the customization available on these pistols as they feature adjustable grips and an accessory rail. Reliability is also top notch as the XD and XD(m) pistols are modeled after the near flawless design of Glock pistols. Despite a good compact design, the XD(m) Compact is slightly more exspensive compared to some compact pistols of Glock or Ruger, but $679.99 is still a reasonable price. (

To see more on the Springfield XD(m) Compact, check out this fun video by Hickok45, or check out the Springfield website.


    • Maruf April 23, 2012 12:17 pm 

      I hope you buyers and pitantoel buyers will come home with a working model of the gun. Mine had extractor issues, FTRTB, FTF, FTE, you name it. Mine has been in the posession of Sig’s corporate repair shop since June 18. That is pretty sad for a $700 pistol that was purchased new on June 11. I sure love the look of the gun, though. Maybe it will actually work when it is returned. Beware of one thing, though . Sig’s customer service representatives are rude and unsympathetic. Google P238 extractor problems before purchasing. I wish I would have!

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