Pocket Carry Options – Concealed Carry

In many cases it is extremely useful and sometimes necessary to carry a very small subcompact handgun. Choosing to carry a handgun for personal defense is an experience that is unique for each individual. Whether you are a law enforcement officer looking for a secondary carry gun, a business associate looking for a light carry gun that “suits” your apparel, or someone who prefers a gun with little recoil; each individual sometimes has needs that can only be fulfilled with a small frame handgun.

What does it mean for a handgun to be a Pocket Carry? The last two words of that sentence are a big hint. Any handgun that you can comfortably slip into a pants or coat pocket is referred to as a pocket carry option. Having said that, please understand that we do not recommend simply carrying a handgun loosely in a pocket. For safety reasons, we always suggest carrying a handgun in an approved holster which is designed to cover the trigger guard. The term “pocket carry” was coined to give shooters a perspective of the size in proportion to something they knew well; their pants.

Deciding between a pocket sized handgun and full framed handguns is a very personal decision. You must be able to understand the differences in how the gun feels in the hand, magazine capacity, and above all – the best caliber for your needs.

Assuming that you already have your choice narrowed down to a pocket pistol, we have featured some of our favorites in this category. The following pistols are favorites here at SlightRecoil, for their reliability, great feel in the hands, and general affordability. Let’s have a look.

Walther PPK (.380 ACP) – Magazine Capacity: 6 + 1

The gun that James Bond made world famous is also an affordable way to carry the .380 ACP. It has curved lines to make easy to draw, and it feels wonderful in your hands.

Price: $525.99 at ImpactGuns.com.

Walther PPK .380 ACP

As you can also tell, it looks fabulous. Wouldn’t you agree Sean?



Beretta Tomcat (.32 ACP)

This little joy is a very light creation of Beretta. It has an incredibly simple design and functionality quality. Like the PPK, it is considered “snag proof” so you will not have to worry about producing this pistol in a jiffy.

Price: $372.99 at ImpactGuns.com.

Beretta Tomcat in .32 ACP

The Tomcat is a wonderful size handgun option for a .32 ACP cartridge. It easily fits pockets, purses, or an ankle holster.

Kahr P380 (.380 ACP) – Magazine Capacity 6+1

Kahr is known for their high quality line of semi – automatic pistols which are all American made. They are becoming extremely popular in the concealed carry community and this .380 ACP is a brilliant option.

Price: $569.99 at ImpactGuns.com

Kahr P380 chamber for the .380 ACP

Even though the P380 is a little on the large side for a .380 ACP handgun, it still remains very concealable and comfortable due to its thin frame. Shooting this firearm is a treat and stays very accurate for a subcompact pistol. Kahr has a very convincing spokesperson as well.

Copyright Kahr Firearms

Ruger LCR (.38 Special) –  5 round cylinder

There are a few good brands of pocket sized revolvers on the market today, Smith and Wesson, Colt, etc, but Ruger has established a undeniable reputation of reliability and affordable. The LCR is small, small, small yet can still pack a devastating blow with its .38 Special cartridge.

Price: $395.00 at ImpactGuns.com

Ruger LCR in .38 Special

A revolver like the LCR can make a wonderful deep conceal option, as well as a reliable back up for duty carry.

North American Arms Guardian (.380 ACP) – Magazine Capacity 6+1

Even though N.A.A. is not as much of a “super brand” as Beretta or Kahr, they produce high quality handguns for a variety of uses. The Guardian closely resembles the Walther PPK in styling and functionality but for around $150.00 less of the cost.

Price: $387.99 at ImpactGuns.

North American Arms Guardian in .380 ACP, also available in .32 ACP

The Guardian has reasonably good accuracy, however it only features very subtle steel fixed sights.

Ruger LCP .380 ACP – Magazine capacity 6 + 1

This gem has become insanely popular among concealed carry holders. The price is unbeatable and you still get Ruger quality during the manufacturing. It is roughly the same size as the PPK and Guardian, yet lighter than both due to polymer materials around the grip.

Price: $288.88 at ImpactGuns.com

Ruger LCP in .380 ACP

For those of you who are looking to enter into the pocket pistol market, the Ruger LCP is an ultra affordable option that still delivers good performance. Always handle a firearm before purchasing though, as many shooters prefer a full steel frame and the balance it provides.

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