Remington R1 1911 Review

There is one firearm that has been the called the “classic”, “THE .45″, and the “G.I.” for just over 100 years. Thomas Magnum carried one, Dirk Pitt carried one, thousands of American soldiers carried one, and you should too! Of course we are talking about the M1911 designed by Mr. Browning, originally manufactured by Colt, and now perfected by Remington. Here is a look at this American classic….

Remington R1 1911 .45 ACP, Photo by Remington

The 1911 by Remington embodies what it means to be a beautiful yet extremely useful handgun. This particular model is a very simple design as very little has been done to change it’s original appearance and function. The difference instead lies in the quality of the manufacturing.

Compared to some variants of the 1911, Remington seems to have got the ingredients just right with this handgun. Because this firearm has been made by dozens of manufacturers for years, there are a few versions that have their issues from time to time. If you ever pick up an old, used 1911 and compare it to a R1, you will quickly notice the overall difference in quality. The Remington 1911 just feels “solid”. Without going into the technical terminology, this handgun is made at a very high quality level, with each component carefully made. Here is a short discription from the Remington website:

The new Model 1911 R1 is truly the finest blend of exacting craftsmanship and out-of-box performance available today. Every element is produced with ultra-tight tolerances on equipment representing the height of modern technology. The result is a sweet-shooting advancement of a legendary design we’re more than proud to put our name on.

Based on our experience, we believe every word.

What the Remington R1 1911 is good for:

Personal defense, home defense, vehicle carry, shooting at a range, looking gorgeous.               This .45 ACP firearm comes standard with 2 seven round magazines when purchased from Remington. The .45 ACP round is a very powerful handgun round so having only 7 rounds per magazine is still very formidable.

The R1 and the case it comes in

What the Remington R1 1911 is NOT good for:

One small disadvantage of a 1911 pistol is the fact that it is single action. Even though this semi-automatic pistol brings the hammer in the firing position after each shot, the hammer needs to be cocked manually for the first shot. For this reason, we do not classify this a “no thinking required” gun. A firearm like a revolver can be pretty much picked and fired with very little effort or knowledge of the firearm. We recommend you do plenty of research into a firearm so it fits your personal needs.

A second disadvantage is simply that this model is a FULL sized, full framed handgun. It is a big gun. There are many compact and sub-compact 1911 variants across the board that might be better options for carrying and deep conceal purposes.


This a very reliable handgun. Little has been changed to the 1911 design, mainly due to the fact that it was such a simple layout. Compared to other semi-auto handguns and other 1911 variants, the Remington 1911 has so far performed flawlessly through our experiences. It can also safely handle defensive ammunition.


The 1911 features one manual safety located near the hammer, and a second “auto” safety located on the back of the grip. We call this an “auto” safety because the mechanism automatically depresses when the user grips the firearm. You should not have to think about this safety once you grab the firearm.

An example of a generic 1911 manual safety


You should be able to find a new R1 between $600-700. You can also often find these models on sale, so keep a sharp lookout. This model is currently available at for $649.00.

Parting thoughts:

We are huge supporters and fans of the M1911 pistol, and this Remington version is a true beauty. The traditional “classic” look and feel remains with this modern pistol even after 100 years. If you are looking for a basic 1911 pistol that will shoot true and stay durable for many years, we cannot recommend any brand other than Remington. When other 1911′s can run in price of upwards $2,000, we think this is a sensible option and a great way to continue tradition.

For more information, check out Remington’s website here.


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