Glock 19 Review

Those of you who have been around firearms are no doubt familiar with the reputation behind Glock products. Even those of you who are just now thinking about purchasing a firearm or just are not familiar with many brands, have still probably heard of the word Glock. This reputation comes from nearly 30 years of manufacturing simple, no thrills, but reliable sidearms for civilians, law enforcement and military. Here is the Glock 19 herself:

Glock 19, Generation 4 chambered in 9mm – Photo Copyright – GunGuyOnline

Compared to the other Glock pistols chambered in 9mm, the Glock 19 is considered the midsize; with the Glock 17 being a full sized service pistol, and the Glock 26 being a small, subcompact version. Glock has uniquely set up their pistols, so that magazines for a specific caliber, are compatible with all of the firearm models in said caliber. (Glock 19 magazines work in the Glock 17 and vice versa).

What the Glock 19 is good for:

Personal defense, home defense, everyday carry, recreational shooting. The Glock 19 features a standard 15 round magazine which means you can put a lot of “lead” down range, every time you need to reload.

What the Glock 19 is NOT good for:

Looking pretty. The Glock 19 is a no-thrills firearm which is designed for awesome performance and ease of use. If you are looking for a “sexy” firearm to gaze at while sipping on some Scotch, I would suggest other firearms. If you don’t care about such things..

“Get yourself a Glock and lose that nickel plated sissy pistol”



A new generation 4 Glock 19 will cost you between $520 – 600. There are generation 3 and 4 Glocks listed on


This is where the Glock brand really shines. There are few handguns that can compete with a Glock in terms of realibility. The design of the pistol has been copied time and time again by Springfield, Ruger, Kahr and others.  We give the Glock 19, a 5 out of 5 rating in reliability.


Many handguns have an external, manual safety. Glock 19 pistols and its relatives do not have a manual safety. There is an integrated safety located on the trigger itself and it is designed to prevent an accidental pull, snag, or squeeze of the trigger.

Glock trigger safety – Photo from

If worn properly in a  secure holster, a Glock 19 should not pose any problems because of having “no safety”. Always remember to practice safe firearm techniques when handling your Glock. Refer to our page on firearm safety.

Parting thoughts

The Glock 19 is simply a fantastic firearm. If you are considering buying one, we suggest doing so at your earliest convenience. It is highly likely that this firearm will perform flawlessly for the term of your natural life, only to be passed down to someone else to enjoy.





    • Bull April 23, 2012 7:21 am 

      The Glock is the finest COMBAT pitsol ever made…The executive protection guys swear by them.I was at a dock in Norfolk, waiting for a US Navy destroyer carrying a buddy of mine to return from the Middle East, and I noticed some Secret Service suits standing around in the crowd of kids and family members. The Glock 17′s they were all carrying printed pretty well even through thier sports coats.(Rumsfeld had a son serving on the destroyer and he was there to greet him, hence the bodyguards.)Animals and children love plastic toys.I don’t have a problem with an experienced and mature shooter choosing a Glock, just as I don’t have a problem with them choosing a 1911 as their main defensive arm. But the vast majority of students that I teach through my charity self defense course have never even seen a gun being fired before, let alone handled one. In my opinion Glocks and the 1911 just aren’t suitable for someone with a less than well developed skill set. (i.e. a newbie) That is why I don’t own a Glock myself, and why I discourage my students from buying one as their very first gun.James

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